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Ways to make money from Valentine’s Day with a small capital

Yups. You read it right.

You don’t need to feel blue if you haven’t been asked out for a date yet or you have planned nothing in particular on Valentine’s day, a.k.a the couple’s day. Instead, dedicate your time to doing business you can do alone and at home with less capital. This way, you will be earning rather than spending money. Sounds good? Check out our ideas here:


Making homemade chocolates is a perfect business idea this Valentine’s day. If you are not so confident with your skills, you can always try repacking branded or local chocolates. Just add a little touch of eye-catching packaging fit for a romantic date.


A unique curated gift box is also a good idea for a business. Think of random items or whatever your customer requested and put them together as a set of the curated gift box. You can also add a complimentary handwritten notecard as a romantic gesture.


While a flower bouquet is a traditional gift during love season, you can always think out of the box for a one-of-a-kind personalized bouquets. You can try the favorite foods of the receiver or money to add some humor to the celebration. This idea really will depend on the preference of your customer.


This option could be a little outdated and cheesy. But the only day that cheesiness can be forgiven is on Valentine’s Day. If you are an artist and have a knack for shirt designs, then this idea is perfect for you.

You might not have a date on the 14th, but at least you will earn.

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