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DOONGAN, BUTUAN CITY– A teenager boy who was known as Dodong, 16 years old, committed suicide at his house in Purok 8 Relocation, Barangay Doongan on February 27,2020 (Thursday).

The boy’s mother, Vivilina Tayong, said Dodong felt guilty after he stabbed his older brother, Richson Tayong. The two argued the night before because the older one did not give Dodong P30.00 and restricted him from going to a friend he had a conflict with.

According to Mrs. Tayong, after the incident, the boy and his brother had even reconciled before they rushed her wounded son to the hospital.

But Dodong took his life by hanging himself using a blanket just a few minutes after.

The family even tried to take Dodong to the hospital as well, but he was declared dead on arrival.

PLt. Abel Bulawan, the spokesperson in Butuan City Police Office (BCPO), said they are considering the angle of the brothers’ argument over P30.00 as a reason for the suicide incident.

Richson is now recovering from his wound while the Tayong family is taking care of Dodong’s wake.

Meanwhile, police forces are reminding the public to control the anger and temper to avoid conflicts that may end to such grievous results.

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