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“Speak for truth” and other perks of working in NMBS

BUTUAN CITY - The emergence of NMBS at the heart of Butuan City enriches the influence of its women employees in front and behind the camera to greater heights.

As the network strives to develop an environment that nurtures the values: Integrity, creativity, teamwork, competence, excellence, transparency, and service-oriented; NMBS takes pride of these distinguished women whose dedication has widely contributed to the company’s goal of becoming globally competitive from a homegrown local broadcasting network.

NMBS, not only broadcasts relevant stories through news, featured shows, and even music to its viewers and listeners, but also hears the voice of every employee without being bias of whoever you are.

In the years of its operation, these women’s ideas and leadership skills have contributed to strengthening the company’s desire for improvement in delivering a quality broadcasting service.

Amidst the ups and downs, that desire continues to grow as NMBS continues to acknowledge the strengths of every woman in the media industry.

To the women employed in NMBS, the company serves as a platform for their untold stories and ideas withheld to realize, creating positive change not only to themselves but also to their colleagues and the audience.

In the celebration of women empowerment, NMBS supports and salutes every woman all over the world!

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