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BUTUAN CITY - After the city's effective localized quarantine operation last night, the bus terminals are now non-operational. However, some stranded passengers are still hoping to travel back to their respective hometowns.

The two bus terminals here in Butuan City, Butuan Bus Terminal at Robinsons Mall and the Langihan Bus Terminal, are quiet now after the implementation of the localized community quarantine starting March 20.

Bus drivers and bus conductors are gone. And the stores at the terminals are also not open for business.

However, some passengers are still waiting for buses and are still hoping that they can return home.

Family man Julito Caberte, who came from Davao, was en route to Negros. But during his arrival at Naspit Port, all ships were non-operational and he was left stranded. When he returned by bus at the Langihan Bus Terminal, hoping to return to Davao City, he can no longer continue his journey due to the community quarantine.

Meanwhile, at the Butuan Bus Terminal in Robinsons Mall, a passenger named Nikki Rose Salino and her two children were also left stranded. They were not able to get a bus ride to Cagayan de Oro.

Mr. Caberte is now asking for help because he has no family in Butuan. Meanwhile, Ms. Salino and her children plan to return to her relatives in Butuan City.

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