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On January 24, 2020, 15 units of new modern vehicles launched in compliance with the PUV Modernization Program under the administration of President Duterte.

Among the 15 vehicles as Route 10, plying along Butuan Intra City: Bancasi, Libertad, Ampayon via Medical Center and vice versa, where five PUVs serving commuters from Butuan to Carmen.

The modern PUVs are operated by the Diamond Transport Cooperative or DATSCO.

“Kita man tanan makita kung unsa ka-gwapo atong unit. Pagsunod nato sa atong unit is de-aircon. Pagsakay nimo fresh ka, pagnaog nimo fresh ka. Unya pag-ingkod nimo ang tuhod dili mag-abot. Ang atong fare is mao ra gihapon,” told by Evangelous Lawenko, Chairman of DATSCO.

(Everyone can see how good the unit is. It is air-conditioned to help you feel fresh during your ride. It is also spacious so you can sit comfortably, while the fare remains the same.)

The LTFRB Caraga headed the launching event with the support of the city government of Butuan and Carmen, Agusan del Norte, and attended by the transport sectors.

During the program, a ceremonial signing of provincial authority was conducted to approve the operation of the said routes.

Butuan City Mayor, Engr. Ronnie Vicente Lagnada is also grateful for their support of the program designed for the development of the city.

“…This program is also transformational. Why? Because we’re engaging the LGUs directly to help the national government plan locally,” said Atty. Martin Delgra, Chairman of LTFRB Caraga, clarifying the importance of the local government’s subordination to the same programs.

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