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BUTUAN CITY – LTTMO clarifies that there’s no order of fare hike and does not authorize tricycle drivers to ask more than the minimum fare.

The statement was released when the said agency receives complaints regarding tricycle drivers overcharging twice or thrice the regular fare from passengers. According to Police Major Peter Paul Manatad, chief of LTTMO Butuan, it is not right for the drivers to overcharge fare, especially that there’s no approved tariff of fare increase yet.

“Kung ang driver mismo ang nag take advantage sa ingnon ta sabay sa pagkadili-makatarunganon nga pagkolekta, so hayan pwede nato siyang ma-charge nianang gitawag ug over-charging,” said PMaj. Manatad.

(If the driver is proven taking advantage of unjust charging of fare, then he will be penalized for overcharging.)

The ongoing crisis due to COVID-19 is not a guarantee for overcharging. Although, LTTMO is encouraging the passengers with baggage occupying more space inside the tricycle to be considerate and voluntarily pay above the minimum fare.

Manatad further said not to ask more than the regular fare when the passenger is about to get off.

On June 2, a driver was summoned to the agency’s office after a passenger complained about the 20-pesos charge from Langihan to barangay Cupin.

With this, LTTMO Butuan urges all passengers when they encounter the same problem to get the body number of the tricycle and go to the office for official filing of a complaint, and the agency assures that they will then take immediate actions.

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