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Here are tips from an introvert for extroverts dealing with Community Quarantine

By: Cecille M. Gultiano

It seems that in every generation, we have to deal with a disease outbreak or more! Interestingly, starting with the 2002's SARS, outbreaks are repeatedly happening! But unlike the recent past outbreaks such as 2014-2016's Ebola and 2009's H1N1 Flu, we weren't required by our governments to community quarantine and that even healthy people should stay in their homes during this COVID-19 pandemic. This is a shock for us living in the 21st Century!

However, the people who lived through the historic plagues are probably eye-rolling in their graves. This isn't the first time people were required to stay in their homes for weeks so we can handle this situation easy-peasy, especially that we have a variety of technology in our hands to make us preoccupied.

For introverts, such as the one writing this article, living through the pandemic will be easy breezy, but what about the extroverts?

I will be writing a three-part series posting five tips each for extroverts about doing home quarantine, coming from an introvert.

1. Please don’t try to go out of your homes unless it’s necessary. Besides, the bars and malls you like to spend time are closed now as essential establishments, such as those that sell food, medicine, and dry goods, are the only ones that are still open for business.

2. And if you need to go outside, wear a face mask. This face mask can either be surgical, washable, plastic, or improvised. A handkerchief will also do. However, if you are a member of the elderly or immunosuppressed, resist going outside. Instead, have someone healthy to shop for you or have your groceries delivered.

3. Start exercising, doing chores, or any physical activities with family or housemates. This home quarantine is also your chance to finally catch up with some exercise to maintain your physical fitness.

4. We all know extroverts crave competition, attention, and engagement, so play some competitive games with people, whether it is online or board games.

5. And if you do miss being in the outdoors, you can do transient interactions or maintain social distancing, at least 6 feet apart from neighbors while socializing in the outside world. But only do this if you are healthy and make sure you only socialize those that don’t show any symptoms as well.

Have a happy quarantine life and social distancing!


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