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BRGY. ONG YIU, BUTUAN CITY - It took almost 2 hours before the responding firefighters declared the fire under control that razed 150 residential houses in Barangay Ong Yiu and San Ignacio at around 4 PM on March 9, Monday.

Based on the initial investigation by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Butuan, a child who was cooking turon (sweetened banana) at the house of Eliguer family in Purok 7, Barangay Ong Yiu, left the cooking oil unattended and caught by the flames is seen as a possible cause of the fire breakout.

The houses were made of light materials such as lumbers, causing the fire to immediately spread out and crossed over to Barangay San Ignacio, where more houses were burned down.

A total of 18 fire trucks responded to the said incident that reached the Task Force Alpha alarm.

The damages are reportedly worth an estimated P5 Million.

The fire victims are asking the local government to help them settle and to provide donations.

In line with this, no casualties or injured had been recorded.

Meanwhile, authorities are still investigating the exact cause of the fire.

Firemen clarified that it was declared fire out at past 9 PM.

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