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BUTUAN CITY - Despite Butuan city being under community quarantine, there are still those who are not following the required 1-meter distance apart.

Under E.O. 019, it requires Butuanons to follow guidelines: citizens should stay at their homes, practice good hygiene, and limit their outdoor activities. A household should only have one or two people that need to go outside. These people are either essential workers or who will be purchasing necessities. They should observe social distancing while wearing a mask at all times.

Dr. Llacuna Jr., the Regional Director of the Department of Health or DOH Caraga, praises the actions of the LGU Butuan that strictly requires the people to follow the guidelines. The guidelines will help curb the chance of a COVID-19 case in the city. However, the one-meter social distancing has been ignored by some, especially in public transportation and in public places.

Dr. Llacuna Jr. emphasizes that COVID-19 will die out if there is no transfer of the virus from one person to another. People will have to strictly follow the regulations since if the transfer stops, Covid-19 will eventually be gone.

As of today, Caraga is still COVID-19 free.

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