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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

MONTILLA BLVD., BUTUAN CITY – Law enforcers were in position for about 4 hours from 8:40 AM on February 10, 2020 (MON), before they were pulled out.

The demolition of New Society Village did not proceed after several tries of negotiation between the sheriff and the barangay officials to avoid immense damages and chaos with the residences of the area.

This happens, after the Regional Trial Court in Cagayan de Oro, issued the Writ of Demolition of almost 2 hectares of land claimed by the Plaza family.

According to Ibrahim Abdul Halim Tomawis, Brgy captain of New Society Village, the demolition is illegal because the residents still have a pending case of their appeal in the court.

In November 2019, the Supreme Court recommended to the Plaza clan to give comments on the appeal within 10 days.

But Sheriff Emmanuel Jalad said they enforce the demolition because they have not received a temporary restraining order from the Supreme Court.

In line with this, one of the residents and leader of the homeowner association plead for respect and to wait for the decision from the court before making a move.

While the roads are open again after the barricades were taken out at 11:00 AM, several establishments near the area are still close.

About 120 houses will be affected if the demolition was pushed through, including the daycare center and the barangay hall.

272 policemen, 120 individuals in the demolition team, and ambulances are on standby, in case the demolition will lead to chaos.

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