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Cooking Buzz - Lechon Manok using turbo cooker

Craving for foods from your favorite restaurants? Why not cook them yourselves? Cooking food at home is the safest way to embrace the new "normal". Here are some videos on how to cook homemade foods most of us crave for in this quarantine time. Enjoy watching!

Here is our version of Lechon Manok Recipe in Cooking Buzz.


For Boiling

- 1 whole Chicken

- Onion

- Garlic

- Pepper

Boil for 45 minuets


- Onion

- Garlic

- Tomato

- Onion Leaves (dahon sa Sibuyas)

For Seasoning

- Salt

- Black

- Pepper

- Garlic Powder

- Paprika

- Oregano powder

1 tbs each

Rub seasoning to the chicken

Put inside the Turbo Broiler set the timer for 30 min.

Flip over another 30mins.

Enjoy, Happy Cooking and eating.

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- Clint O. Cañete

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