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BUTUAN CITY - Because some still do not follow the protocol of the localized community quarantine, the local government of Butuan is now tightening the implementation by possibly upgrading to the enhanced community quarantine.

The Butuan City LGU denies the widespread issue of a lockdown in the city due to COVID-19. However, Butuan city LGU spokesperson May Diez confirms that there is a huge possibility that the city will be implementing the enhanced community quarantine because they find out that there are still people that do not follow the guidelines in the current localized quarantine community.

In an enhanced quarantine community, the local government will be more stringent to enforce protocols and impose penalties on those who will break the law to avoid a COVID-19 case in the city. These protocols include that the government will only allow one member of each household to come out and buy food, medicine, and other necessities as supermarkets, public markets, and pharmacies will remain open during the enhanced community quarantine. There will also be a possible increase in curfew.

Diez also announces that some individuals, such as the public transportation drivers and the indigents, are the ones who will be the number one priority to be given with relief goods by the government because the changes will affect them financially the most.

The LGU is urging the citizens to wait for the announcement as to when the enhanced community quarantine will become effective.

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