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Butuan City implements strict monitoring of hog products movement to wave ASF

Dr. Mancio Alegado, the chief city veterinarian, confirmed that Butuan City is still free from the threat of African Swine Fever (ASF). However, they fear the possible entry of the said disease because the city is now surrounded by swine-affected areas.

The threat of the ASF prompted the city veterinary office in coordination with the Butuan City Police Office to set up veterinary quarantine checkpoints at the entry-exit points in the city to thoroughly examine the incoming pigs or hog products.

“If their [meat traders] documents are incomplete, especially of the live hogs transiting through our quarantine station, we will ask them to go back to where they come from. We also confiscated several pork by-products, particularly those that came from the ASF-infected areas such as Cagayan de Oro and Davao Region,” said Dr. Alegado.

Butuan residents who need to travel swine products are being reminded to present a veterinary health certificate which can be obtained from the barangay office.

Those who are entering Butuan City are required to show the veterinary health certificate and shipping permit at the checkpoint.

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