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BUTUAN CITY – As the holiday season is approaching, National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS) Caraga and the Butuan City Veterinary Office are reminding the consumers to buy meat and poultry products from licensed stores to ensure quality and food safety.

“Kung muadto kita sa merkado o food establishment, mangita kita ug meat inspection certificate nga magpamatuod nga ang mao nga karne gi-ihaw diha sa City Slaughter House aron makunsumo sa atong mga katawhan,” said Dr. Mancio Alegado, Butuan City Veterinary Head Officer

(If we go to the market or food establishment, look for the meat inspection certificate that verifies the product to be sold to the consumers is butchered in City Slaughter House.)

In the previous weeks, NMIS Caraga, together with the Department of Agriculture, confiscated 9.5 kilograms of skinless longganiza and chorizo.

Authorities are also concerned about the increasing livestock products sold online because of the threat of African Swine Fever (ASF) that is currently spreading in Tagum City and other areas near the Caraga region.

“Ang among gikagul-an kay ang maong mga produkto gikan sa Davao. Nahibalo kita nga kining mga longganisa, toccino or chorizo nga gikan sa Davao delikado gayud kay ang Davao is affected with African Swine Fever,” Dr. Alegado added.

(Our worries are the products from Davao. We are aware that these products from Davao, such as longganisa, toccino, and chorizo are high-risk because the city is affected by African swine fever.)

Consumers are urged to be vigilant in purchasing meat and poultry products online and advised to:

  • Make sure you are buying from licensed meat suppliers.

  • Bear in mind that meat must be kept in a cooler or insulated container to keep its freshness and avoid spoilage.

  • Make sure the delivery time must not exceed two hours to maintain the freshness of meat.

Dr. Alegado also admitted that it is hard for them to capture all illegal livestock products sold online, so they are encouraging the public to report to NMIS in the event of online selling violations.

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