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5 movie quotes that will help us thrive in 2021

Films do not only entertain but also inspire. While the quarantine period prevents everyone from going to the movie theater, fortunately, we can still opt for other media platforms to binge-watch the movies we long to see out there.

And as the first week of 2021 is about to end, here is the selection of 5 quotes from favorite movies we hope to motivate us all throughout the year.

1. Protect your dream

Screenshot: IMDb

“Don't ever let someone tell you, you can't do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period.”

- Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness

The uncertainties going on recently have somehow made us doubt that our plans or dreams will be realized. But then Chris Gardner reminds us that if we want something, we need to fight for it and protect it. The pursuit towards a happier and better life this year might be difficult but it sure is not impossible.

2. Letting go

Screenshot: IMDb

"It's important in life to conclude things properly. Only then can you let go. Otherwise, you are left with words you should have said but never did, and your heart is heavy with remorse.”

– Pi Patel, Life of Pi

Letting go might be easier said than done but it is the most vital if we want to keep moving forward. Leaving the strongholds of the past, the sufferings, and even the glories behind, is the decision one needs to make in order to take on the new challenges and to prepare oneself for the new opportunities this year has in store.

3. Find the light

Screenshot: IMDb

“But you know happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.”

— Professor Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Last year was probably the darkest time of the modern era, and it can really be hard to see the positive side of it. Still, it is imperative to keep on searching for the silver lining of the darkest situation. Only then can we find hope amidst the present adversities.

4. Don't focus on the problem

Screenshot: Youtube

“You’re focusing on the problem. If you focus on the problem, you cannot see the solution. Never focus on the problem.”

- Arthur Mendelson, Patch Adams

Problems wear us out and sometimes when we are already exhausted; all we see is the huge stumbling block in front of us. However, to thrive in life, one must learn to refocus on figuring out the solution rather than concentrating on the problem itself. Dwelling on the problems not only solves nothing, but it also slows us down from moving forward.

5. Surprise! It's life

Screenshot: IMDb

“My mama always said, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.”

– Forrest Gump, Forest Gump

No one predicted what will happen last year and no one is also certain of what is ahead this time. But no matter what flavor of life we get to taste, we still have the choice on how to take it. Life after all is a series of surprises. While some might not be our cup of tea, surely the sweet ones will not be out of option.

Do you have any other inspiring movie quotes in mind? Share them with us.

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