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From Butuan City to the world NMBS at your Service. 

BEE TV Programs


Live in the Hive

Live In The Hive is a musical show featuring Butuan's homegrown bands and talents, showcasing the music scene, and the local and potential musicians of the city.


Timber City Streets

Timber City Streets is a show that introduces Butuan City, the once ancient kingdom, to those who are unfamiliar of the place. It also helps Butuanons to learn more about the streets they only know by name but not by history and facts. This show is hosted by Marco Ho (Youtube’s Bogart the Explorer).

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Stoked Unlimited

The Stoked Unlimited is an outdoor show which features a group of enthusiastic people showcasing their hobbies or sports.


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Bee FM 102.3 MHz

Bee102.3 has a wide range of special shows that include pop, alternative rock, alternative pinoy, house, jazz, R&B, hip-hop, OPM, reggae, and more.

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Bee LED Board

Visually appealing billboards and large format posters are now made even more tasteful as NMBS puts more color in the busy streets of Butuan City, the newest electronic advertising billboard, the BEE LED. It is a state-of-the-art media platform with 4.8 meters X 5.76 meters P16 Outdoor LED Display.

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